Alim Adilov

About the Artist


Alim Adilov is an artist, was born in 1963 in the capital of Uzbekistan, Tashkent. He has 6 siblings, his father was a graphic, his mother prepared gobleins. He helped his father in part time, so he learned how to work hard and how to get by.


During his elementary studies he was enrolled to the best drawing course in the city, leading by Zója Grigorjeva, he studied together with Uzbek, Russian and Corean children. He was one of the favourite of Ms. Zoja so she gave him everything what he needed for his work.  Still after years he was using those brushes given by her.


In 1979 he started the secondary art school, where strict but great knowledged teachers taught him, e.g. the Corean Emil-Ki- Gajt, who did several successfull book illustrations.In his 5th year, he learned on advanced level, he grow up an artist who is ready to work with full responsibility.


After 2 years military service, he applied to the world famous Rjepin Art Academy, out of 300 candidates he was among the 15 admitted students. He had teachers like the internationally reputed Vitrugatszkij and Mojszenko.


After graduating he went to England where he was a designer at a big company, so soon he could start working individullay. In 1991, he enrolled to the Art Academy in London, what is more he got a work from an elegant galery,from the Sloan Square, to organize an exhibiton from his works.His all paintings were purchased in one.


He was visiting his siblings when he fell in love with Hungary. After settling down in Hungary, soon he became popular both professional and artistic field. Besides his professional success, he found his personal happiness, found his wife, they have 2 great sons.


In the next couple of years, he was the regular invited member of the art camps in Zalaszentgyörgy, Békés and several international camps. As for his art, his style is rather orientalist, comes from his Uzbek origin, but he often  goes to the Hungarian National Gallery to get experiences, impulses. He is the member of the Hungarian Art Association.


His paintings are often  bought because this way the buyers can take home a slice from the East, from their holiday. The vivid colors of the paintings are reflecting the beach, the market so the owners can feel these moments in their  weekdays.


Favourably, he works on those topics, he experienced on  his journey. Cities, landscapes, houses but also portraits, still lifes. He is under the influence of colors, without them he can not reflect the 1000 faces of the world. To define his style: classical realist, but with some impressionist effects too.


The thing is that one can not create in the same style in all his life, it varies as his personality does. Wherever he went to the world, he prepared sketches and used them later at home. Naturally he brought lot of heritage from his Uzbekistan too. He uses acrill and oil, helping us to imagine his birth of place, amazing landscapes, cities and people living there.


Alim Adilov is a painter, from his paintings glows the magic of Nature and God, breaking our rushing life. His pictures are flying in the face of time, ages as strong bastions.


His group exhibitions were held in the cities such as Szentpétervár, Moszkva, Tashkent, Tokio, Wörschach, Kuala Lumpur, Budapest, Debrecen, London, Békéscsaba, Tiszaújváros, Miskolc, Gödöllő, Kecskemét.